Health Spending & Wellness Account

Health Spending Account

The Medical Expense Account is a unique, comprehensive health and dental plan that can be customized to meet your company’s needs.


      • Set your own limits for different classifications
      • Non-taxable benefit to employees
      • 100% tax deduction for company
      • Can be standalone or added as a top-up to another plan
      • Flat administration fee on paid claims: no claims, no fee

Examples of Eligible Expenses

      • Dental expenses, including orthodontics and dentures
      • Paramedical services such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, psychology
      • Vision expenses such as laser eye surgery, prescription glasses and contacts
      • Remaining balances of expenses partially covered by a traditional group benefits program

Wellness Account

Program which provides employees with a taxable benefit amount to spend on wellness related activities and products. Eligible expenses are set by the employer based on expenses they deem to positively impact their employees’ lives.

Examples of Wellness Expenses

      • Gym memberships, fitness equipment
      • Child care
      • Technology
      • Park & museum passes

Let us help design a program that allows maximum flexibility for your employees.