Group Retirement

Let us help you select and design a group retirement program that helps you retain your valuable employees. Here are some of the available options:

    • Defined Contribution Pension Plan – A registered pension plan set up by an employer to provide retirement income to employees.

    • Group RRSP – An employer-sponsored retirement savings plan. Contributions are made via pay-roll deductions, on a pre-tax basis. Employer contributions are a tax deduction for the company.

    • Deferred Profit Sharing Plan – Set up by employers as a way to share profits with their employees. These plans often substitute for, or supplement, a Group RRSP.

    • Tax-Free Savings Account – a flexible investment savings plan that allows investors to earn investment income tax-free and pay no tax on withdrawals.

    • Non-Registered Savings Plan – the employer and employee may contribute any amount. Employee contributions are made with after-tax dollars.