Group Benefits

Working With An Advisor

Employee Benefits consulting is the cornerstone of the service package that we offer our clients. We specialize in designing benefit programs that assist our clients in meeting their strategic human resource objectives.

We put the fit in your
group benefits plan

Selecting an advisor to work with is arguably the most important part of the process of implementing a group benefits plan.  Your advisor should provide you with the following services:

    • Benchmark data for your industry and make recommendations to ensure that your plan is competitive with your industry peers.
    • Provide quotations from several leading insurance companies to ensure competitive rates and features.
    • Provide ongoing support to help you administer your plan.
    • Advocate on your behalf with the insurance company.
    • Negotiate your annual renewals to ensure your plan is priced fairly.
Choosing Your Advisor
What to look for Greenfield Benefits Inc. Option B
Advisor holds the Certified Employee
Benefits Specialist Designation Image
Jason has held the CEBS
designation since 2007.

Experience Jason has been providing group
insurance consulting advice
since 1997.
Dedicated team to support your group We have an experienced team
of insurance professionals to
provide training and support to
our clients.
Innovative approach to serving clients We were among the first firms
to introduce health spending
accounts to our clients.
Independent, unbiased advice We work only for you, not the
insurance companies. You
need someone who represents
only your best interests.
Commitment to compensation
You'll always know how much
we're being paid to assist with
your plan.

Pick one advisor and let them represent you with the different insurance companies.  This is the only way to ensure that you get an “apples to apples” comparison of your options.

We use an audit process focusing on 3 key areas:

Is your Plan right for you?

      • The question “What do you want your Benefits Plan to do?” is the starting point for design considerations. Some companies want their plan to promote retention of staff; some companies want the plan to assist with recruitment efforts; there are even companies that simply want their plan to keep up with the programs offered by their competitors. We will also identify alternative vehicles, such as Health Spending & Wellness Account, Virtual Healthcare Services, Employee Family Assistance Program, etc. that may be added to your program to enhance the value provided to your employees. Regardless of your objectives, plan design options can be introduced to support the intended goal.

Is your plan priced fairly?

      • One of the most important aspects of the audit process is the review of the plan’s financial structure. We will review and provide commentary on different financial components within your plan to ensure that it is properly funded and competitively priced.

Are you fulfilling your contractual obligations?

      • Your group benefits contract is a legal document that imposes certain terms and conditions on each of the parties (both your company and the insurance company). We help you to identify your responsibilities and work to ensure that your administrative processes are structured to minimize your company’s liability exposure.