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Group Benefits

Business Team joining handsEmployee Benefits consulting is the cornerstone of the service package that we offer our clients. We specialize in designing benefit programs that assist our clients in meeting their strategic human resource objectives. The Audit Process that we utilize is designed to focus on 3 key areas:

Plan Design:

The question "What do you want your Benefits Plan to do?" is the starting point for design considerations. Some companies want their plan to promote retention of staff; some companies want the plan to assist with recruitment efforts; there are even companies that simply want their plan to keep up with the programs offered by their competitors. We will also identify alternative vehicles, such as Private Health Services Plans, that may be added to your program to enhance the value provided to your employees. Regardless of your objectives, plan design options can be introduced to support the intended goal.

Financial Stability

One of the most important aspects of the audit process is the review of the plan's financial structure. We will review and provide commentary on different financial components within your plan (including Target-Loss Ratios, Stop-Loss Levels, Out-of-country Pooling, etc.) to ensure that your plan is properly funded and competitively priced. We can also help you to evaluate alternative funding platforms, such as Administrative-Services_Only (ASO) contracts to determine whether these may be a viable option for your company.

Contract Compliance

Your group benefits contract is a legal document that imposes certain terms and conditions on each of the parties (both your company and the insurance company). We help you to identify your responsibilities and work to ensure that your administrative processes are structured to minimize your company's liability exposure.

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